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What is cartoonbigbang?
Cartoon Big Bang is a "big bang" style fic challenge where authors are required to write a longer piece of fiction by a certain deadline. The authors work together with artists, who produce art (either drawn or graphical) for the fics. Partway through the challenge, artists will be able claim fics they're interested in doing art for.

What fandoms am I allowed to write for?
Since this is a comm based around cartoons, that includes:
  • Animated movie fandoms (this includes movies made by Disney, Dreamworks, Fox Animation, Sony Animation, etc., etc.)
  • Western cartoon TV series (cartoons you'd see on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, etc.)
  • ALL forms of animation (computer-generated, traditional, stop motion, etc.)
However, just so that the focus doesn't go too wide, these fandoms are not included:
  • Anime (this includes all animation created in Japan or other Asian countries, unless it has a Western-created animated counterpart as well)
  • Comic books/graphic novels without animated tie-ins
  • Video/computer games without animated movie/TV series tie-ins
Crossovers with other animated fandoms is allowed. Original fiction and crossovers with live-action fandoms are not, however.

What are the requirements for an author?
You must write at least 10,000 words of fic before the deadline. There are, however, different challenges:
  • Hard mode -- The 10,000 words must go into a single fic. The story/topic of the fic are entirely up to you.
  • Easy mode -- The 10,000 words are split up amongst four fics. One must be 1000+ words, the second 2000+, the third 3000+, and the fourth 4000+. There are constraints on what kind of fic you may write for this challenge, which will change each round.
In both cases, all the fics must be complete works, not incomplete works-in-progress. If you're doing the easy challenge, they might be one-shots and very short stories but they must be finished pieces. In both cases too the wordcounts of the fics are minimum requirements -- feel free to go over that amount.

What are the requirements for an artist?
As an artist, your piece must fit with the fic. Various types of art are allowed including drawn and graphical. Amount of art required depends on whether the fic you claimed is a hard mode or easy mode fic.
  • Hard mode -- one big piece (drawn art, fanvid, complex graphic, fanmix with cover graphics, etc.) OR two smaller pieces (banners, some icons, simple wallpapers, etc.) that go with the author's fic
  • Easy mode -- one small piece that goes with your pick of the author's four fics
These are also minimum requirements -- you're welcome to go above and beyond if you feel inspired.

What does the timeline look like for a round?
Each round will be about six months. Author sign-ups will be open for two months before the first checkpoint. The second checkpoint is a month later. Rough drafts are due at the 4-month mark -- at this point, you must have at least 5,000 words written and be far enough in your fic that you're confident you'll be able to finish before the deadline (barring any unexpected events or emergencies) and you must have submitted a summary of your fic to the mod. Fic-claiming by artists begins at this point as well. Posting opens a month afterward and lasts for a month.

What are the requirements for a rough draft?
There must be 5,000 words. The fic itself doesn't need to be polished or finished, but there must be enough there that an artist can understand what the fic is about and start on an accompanying piece. If doing an easy challenge, summaries of all four fics are required at this point, so it's recommended that at least some work has been finished for each of the four.

How do I participate?
There will be separate sign-up posts for writers, artists, and beta readers. Fill out the form provided on the entry and post it as a comment. You may sign up for multiple roles (e.g. writer and artist) but be sure to not over-commit yourself!

How can I get a beta reader?
There will be a beta reader volunteer post where people can put down contact info, their beta style, and fandoms they can beta for.

Do I have to have a beta reader?
It's highly recommended, but you don't have to have one if you're confident in your story.

How do I post my finished piece?
The art and the fic(s) should be posted (either together or separately) in an external place (e.g. your journal, your writing comm, etc.) and then linked to from this comm during the month of posting. This is so you don't have to spam the comm with multiple entries and so you have the opportunity to make sure the coding of the entry is okay. There will be more detailed instructions on what info needs to be placed in the header and how to tag when the posting period approaches.

What should I do if I can't finish my fic/art piece?
Just let the mods know. This can be done by commenting on the latest checkpoint post (or sign-up post if there hasn't been a checkpoint) or by PMing color_coding.

As an artist, can I claim more than one fic? Can multiple artists claim the same fic?
It depends on what the artist-to-writer ratio is. If there are fewer artists, yes, you may claim multiple. If there are more artists, then multiple artist will be allowed to claim the same work.

I was writing a fic for the easy challenge and it kind of exploded and now I think it'll be 10,000+ words. Can I switch to the hard mode?
Yes, just reply to your original sign-up comment with this update. This can be done anytime before the rough draft deadline.

I'm an artist, and I have a friend who I want to be my author partner. Can I claim their fic early?
Yes, just include their username with your sign-up.

All right, that's all I can think of at the moment. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to get them answered.

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