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Round 1: Author Sign-ups

– Author Sign-ups –

Here are the author sign-ups for Round 1. You have two options:

HARD MODE -- one fic of 10K+ words
EASY MODE -- four fics of length 1K, 2K, 3K, and 4K words
Easy Mode Challenges (you choose one):
§ Genre: Historical AU
Each of your fics must be a historical AU, meaning an alternate universe fic in which the way that the fic deviates from canon lies in choosing a different time period. For example, if your cartoon is set in modern day, set it during the Regency period. Or in feudal Japan. If your fandom has a medieval setting, set it in the present. Or in a sci-fi setting. Or anything else you can think of. You can reuse the same fandom/characters/pairings/historical setting for each of your fics or change it up each time. It's up to you.
§ Prompt: Kink Memes
Your fics must ALL be for prompts taken from a kink meme. Check out disney_kink, dreamworkskink, animationkink, etc. for examples that are relevant to this comm.

Current Participants:

stharridanHardMulan or Toy Story
roriedollHardRegular Show
cruel_fortunaEasyTangled, Lion King, Hercules, & Mulan
afterandalasiaHardSleeping Beauty, Mulan, & Enchanted (crossover)
aliseeveEasyToy Story, Phineas & Ferb, or Cars
thinkxpinkHardMegamind, Emperor's New School, Hoodwinked Too, or Tangled
arguingvitalityHardAladdin, Kim Possible, The Swan Princess or Beauty and the Beast
mercury_marblesHardSleeping Beauty
mute90HardThe Clone Wars
rainyrocketHardBeauty and the Beast
starianprincessEasyTangled, X-Men Evolution, Codename: Kids Next Door, Avatar: The Last Airbender
chibifukurouHardXaolin Showdown, Batman: Under the Red Hood, or JLA
sarcophagus_mHardDarkwing Duck, Pinocchio or The Raccoons
gummi_soursEasyDisney/Pixar movies
tour_treasureEasyDisney movies?

To sign up, fill out this form:

You can begin working on your fic as soon as your sign-up is approved!

Deadline for signing up: October 10th, 2011
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